Martin's Gift World, LLC is a New Jersey based family run business. Originally founded in 1989 under the name of Martin Enterprises, I was unable to obtain the website name of Martin Enterprises, so I created the name www.martinsgiftworld.com.

Trying to keep all the names the same, I registered the name of Martin's Gift World, LLC with the state in late 2016. Since most of my previous vendors have gone out of business or no longer produce items we are looking for, we plan on manufacturing our own product lines, similar to Vanmark's Red Hats of Courage, Blue Hats of Bravery, Medics of Valor, and American Heroes. And then expanding to other categories over time.

Having served in the public safety field as a volunteer firefighter for over 25 years, and currently employed as a paramedic with over 33 years of EMS experience, I have a good knowledge of what gifts people are interested in buying for those fields.